Do you know someone in your community who is worthy of recognition?

There are heroes all around us. But often, because they are humble and act on behalf of others without fear or favour, their stories remain untold.

The Pride of Australia Medal is one of News Corp Australia’s most important community endeavours, playing a fundamental role as a vehicle to celebrate and acknowledge the remarkable contribution and achievements of members of the Australian community.

So if someone has inspired you through their dedication, initiative, courage or charity, be it a neighbour, friend or colleague, show them how much their actions matter to you by nominating them for the prestigious Pride of Australia Medal.

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Nominations this year will not be confined to a category, we will be looking for the very best unsung community leaders in each state to be awarded a Pride of Australia Medal. Examples of people we will be looking for include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • An Australian, or group of Australians, who, through their act/s of bravery, helped save or attempted to save a life/lives
  • An Australian, who through his or her act/s of courage have overcome personal adversity through determination and strength of character
  • A member or members (professional or volunteer) of the SES, police, fire, ambulance, coastguard, defence forces, air rescue service who have gone beyond the call of duty to protect the community
  • An individual or a group whose selfless, tireless and largely unacknowledged actions have enriched the lives of those around them in their community
  • An Australian who has helped save, or attempted to save, the life of another
  • An Australian who has overcome personal adversity through determination and strength of character, allowing them to improve the quality of not only their lives, but also those around them
  • A person who has advanced a community, or will advance a community, through academic or personal endeavours
  • A professional or volunteer carer or group, or a member of the health professions who has made a significant improvement to the lives of those around them
  • A member of our teaching professions from early childhood to university education or a role model whose compassion and wisdom while teaching, coaching and mentoring our youth has been truly inspiring
  • An Australian or group of Australians whose actions have demonstrated leadership, raising awareness and/or teaching others about environmental issues

Pride of Australia nominees of all ages are encouraged to enter.